g'day mate!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ALRIGHT!!! HUGE NEWS!!! a couple things actually but first things first!!! I FINISHED MY PLACEMENT!!! I mailed all of my documents to monash last thursday and they should arrive in a week or so! They have been faxed and received as well so if anything happens to them in the mail she already has the copies :) I'M DONE!!!...as long as I pass...ha...every time i say that i say it as a joke but i'm sure it's a huge reality as well...lets not think about that part :) I'M DONE!!! no more monash! just send me the diploma in the mail and SIONARA!!! :) *does a little happy dance that i've been waiting to do for about 2 years now* :) :) :)

ok next it is SUNNY here :) which makes everyone happy and fun to be around :) I'm a tad bit burnt but totally worth it for a fun walk with sula and Flan! :) I also am now going to be a full time employee at the florist starting this monday! (tomorrow) AHHH :) I was offered the position when the woman who works the days I don't moved to Utah so now I will hopefully be able to learn a lot more and actually be GOOD at what i do :) ha...ok i'm kidding myself there but maybe one day *I* will like what I do :) and that's all i can really ask for :)

On a sad note i'm afraid my firefighter and I are "dunzo" as kristin from laguna beach would say...I thought we were going to be able to be friends but it seems as though that's not a reality right now. things were said and that is that so maybe in time we'll be able to be civil to eachother but as of now i know we're both pretty hurt and maybe it's best to part ways for the moment...which as you all know is completely against everything that i believe in but i guess that just goes to show that even i can be wrong sometimes...yes...there, i said it! :) ha but I hope we'll talk again sometime...just seems now is definitely not the right time...which is sad in a way but i guess completely normal according to my parents :) sooo to help me move on i redecorated my car's bum! it was changed from burlington fire department to.......*drum roll*........
I think it's cute! :) I am still looking for a place to put my one that says "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A mathematically-calculable, scientifically-verifiable, systematically-repeatable REASON." that basically sums erin up in a bumper sticker :) i like to believe everything happens for a reason but the reason is always VERY logical which takes away from the "fate" type of hoping that the statement really entails :) I think that one's goin on the side window so people won't tail gate me in order to read it ;) sooo for now I think that's about it :) I'm doing pretty good and hopefully it will only get better as the weather gets warmer :) Poor washingtonians all have seasonal depression i SWEAR! :) i'm out for now! I'll let you know if I pass or not ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


i finally found a placement! 2 actually...and i will be all done by may 30th...pass or fail at least i'll be done! wish me luck!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

ALRIGHTY! sorry i've spaced on my blog since i've been back in the states sooo here is my cute car as i realize i've held you in suspense for more than the couple days i had led you to believe it would be :) *sings* isn't she loooooovely...isn't she woooooondeeeeeeeeerfuuuuuuuul??? :) yes yes she is :) actually i think it might be a boy...but i've decided even tho the gas tank cover is on the passenger side i'm hoping my wonderful adorable vegetable oil guzzling sissy will paint a silver rose on it whenever she decides to mosey on over this way ;)

and THIS is my boyfriend's ride ;) i still think i could take him! ha ;) so yes! obviously a lot has changed since my last post...lost two jobs and gained one :) saturday is my last day at the motel and sunday is my first day at the HOTEL :) yes notice the difference! i'm now an employee of the "fairfield inn & suites" which is part of the marriott i guess hehe but they answer the phone "it's a beautiful day at the fairfield inn & suites" so i think i'm gonna do just fine there ;) i have my new car...i have my new boyfriend...actually the second time i hung out with adam was going to pick up my new car sooo they both had similar timing :) I'm working at sheely's the florist and the fairfield now which will be perfect but probably 7 days a week all summer sooo we'll see how i fair :) umm what else is new...one of my best friends from high school just got married on the 10th! gorgeous robin and crazy brian! :) I love them both! Isn't she beautiful?!?!?! :)
and aren't they adorable?!?!? :)
ah and someone came into sheely's with the anacortes arts and crafts festival posters today! what is that you ask? only the COOLEST THING in summer in anacortes!!! yay!!! i can't wait! :) anywho i'm out for the evening!!! love you all! have a good day!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

alright mister kwan! :) so the update since i've been home...i've now gone completely insane...i'm working 3 jobs in an attempt to earn as much money as possible while i still live rent free! :) i love all my jobs...boys and girls club...sheely's floral...and the motel! my life is good i'm just working way too much :) but i have this weekend off to go to spokane for stephi's birthday *happy early birthday steph!!!* and visit krista and kristan in renton on the way! i'm so excited i can't wait to have a little time off! even tho it'll be spent driving but it's totally worth it! and speaking of driving my new car is DELISH!!! i absolutely adore it! and all 137,000 miles that are on it ha...shush! :) all is well and hopefully i'll be able to do the remainder of my hours for my masters at the boys and girls club sooo i'm keeping my fingers crossed! :) I'll post pictures of my car as soon as it's sunny and clean! :) it's so cute! but you're gonna have to trust me for a few days till you can see for yourself :) i love you and miss you all!!! enjoy wherever part of the world you're in! :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So i'm back from my wonderful year in australia! I have definitely been slacking in the posts since i've been back so i'm gonna give you a summary of my time back here :) I've come home with my 4 bags packed to the 50 pound limit and even one that was 52!!!

The plane ride was good at first with all our bags checked and our carry on's neatly sorted but we knew there was a long day ahead of us! Leaving at noon on wednesday to arrive at 6pm the SAME day was not the 6 hour flight it appeared! Time zones included we spent 26 hours in airports and airplanes and 30 hours total when you include rides to the airport and home! Luckily for me I had my Sudoku in the little airplane magazines! Unluckily for me it's always the same game because they're all the same magazines! :) That's when Serra converted me to trivia questions that were way too hard for us but I know mum would have gotten easily but as you can see, across the aisle, mum is fast asleep :)

So I returned home after figuring out how to use my states cell phone and dad finding us at the strangely vacant airport on thanksgiving "eve", stopping at BURGER KING and NOT hungry jacks for dinner...arriving home i saw one out of 2 bundles of fur that i'd been missing for 10 months! This is socks :) he's technically my sissy's but I love him just as much :) and NO he's not dead! just sleeping :)

I also got to see my wonderful friends who look like supermodels as always for dinner at the Rockfish and went to my first bar in the states! :) The good ol' brown that I've heard so much about but never been able to go in :) Not that I got carded but STILL :) monumental moment hehe I also drove there all on my own which was very scary since i always want to be on the left side of the road!!! but i made it so yay!

of course the night after i drive and feel like i could actually get used to driving on this side of the road, it snows!!! and i mean SNOW...like it doesn't usually snow in washington!!! And guess what! We're iced into our driveway! we tried to get up and out but slid right back down the hill...VERY scary!!! so we spent thanksgiving out and then were iced into our house for the next 4 days which I might also add was a weekend!!! Go figure :) but isn't the snow beautiful???

here's some more snow :) just cuz it's fun :)

see the two eagles in the eagle tree??? here's a better picture of the pride of the skagit valley! :) Bald Eagles are a plenty out here but never fail to be astounding!

So in my hopes to become a flight attendant I fly out to chicago and interview with United, only to be rejected about 3 weeks later, but my interview was lovely and I couldn't have had a better time! Upgraded to first class on the way there and even slept for half an hour on the way home! :) The parking attendant even asked me if I worked for the airline on my way out of the gate! :) Wasn't quite meant to be I suppose! :) I came home however to a complete windstorm, one of the worst we've seen in a long while and houses around us got massacred!!! luckily ours was free from harm but look at the craziness just our driveway faced!...for a while during the night i was SURE that a tree had fallen on our roof and was rolling back and forth! the house above us just starting to be built got 2 trees across the foundation...

our driveway was covered in dead branches and TREES that had fallen across the road until our neighbours got together and all helped to cut them away (except for me...i was sleeping!) :)

and the ground looked like we had been shrunk to a smaller size and the lawn had just been mowed except they were branches and tops of trees instead of blades of grass!!!

so the power has gone out...wires are ON THE GROUND...and it's 3 FULL DAYS without power meaning a cold house and we're running out of wood!!! the power luckily came on when we really needed it while poor people in woodenville were without power for 5 days IF NOT MORE...I just about kissed the power guys when I saw them looking at our driveway, but some weren't as fortunate! Many houses burned down because people had left their stoves on when the power went out and then stacked stuff on top of the stove!!! or lit barbecues in their houses for warmth!!! NOT SMART!!! The power was on at the house that I house sit for, but it was the ONE WEEK that i wasn't house sitting :) So now back to house sitting for new years even with my dearest flan!!!

we tried to drink our 2 year old wine with the twist off cap and our HUGE bottles of mikes lemonade or as we say here in the states "bitch beer" :) we had a sip of wine at midnight and then switched to milk :) gotta love it! :) a full night of playing catch phrase...eating pizza...and curling up with the cat! :)

Happy New Years everyone!!! yay for 2007!!!

so now that the new year has come I am working at the boys and girls club and just got a new job at the local florist in town! Welcome to Sheely's! Are you looking for anything in particular? :)

I'm searching for a new car but am most likely going to have to give up on my mazda6 dream and get a cheap car as always :) And our trip to cheney is this weekend after heaps of snow falling today!!! We'll see if we make it over the pass! Wish us luck and I hope you all have a wonderful 2007!!! Those of you in Australia I miss you heaps and hope you aren't melting in the sun!!! Those of you here that I most likely haven't seen much since i've been back I love you guys and hope you had fantastic holidays! :) Happy Thanksgiving...Happy Christmas...and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Wrestling Match

Watch the video
Halloween '06 we had a little fun with the puppies...John (the narrator) explains it all! Louie TOTALLY won...no cheating about it!!! YAY!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

So reading over the birthday verse made me think of my first car "the little blue one" so i thought I'd post a picture! :)

having a little visit with her after i left her in the snow all winter long in freezing cold cheney!!! i'm sorry!!! i'll always love you!!! :)

she made me the happiest girl in the world!!! :) Miss you Sunshine!!! :)