g'day mate!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ALRIGHT!!! HUGE NEWS!!! a couple things actually but first things first!!! I FINISHED MY PLACEMENT!!! I mailed all of my documents to monash last thursday and they should arrive in a week or so! They have been faxed and received as well so if anything happens to them in the mail she already has the copies :) I'M DONE!!!...as long as I pass...ha...every time i say that i say it as a joke but i'm sure it's a huge reality as well...lets not think about that part :) I'M DONE!!! no more monash! just send me the diploma in the mail and SIONARA!!! :) *does a little happy dance that i've been waiting to do for about 2 years now* :) :) :)

ok next it is SUNNY here :) which makes everyone happy and fun to be around :) I'm a tad bit burnt but totally worth it for a fun walk with sula and Flan! :) I also am now going to be a full time employee at the florist starting this monday! (tomorrow) AHHH :) I was offered the position when the woman who works the days I don't moved to Utah so now I will hopefully be able to learn a lot more and actually be GOOD at what i do :) ha...ok i'm kidding myself there but maybe one day *I* will like what I do :) and that's all i can really ask for :)

On a sad note i'm afraid my firefighter and I are "dunzo" as kristin from laguna beach would say...I thought we were going to be able to be friends but it seems as though that's not a reality right now. things were said and that is that so maybe in time we'll be able to be civil to eachother but as of now i know we're both pretty hurt and maybe it's best to part ways for the moment...which as you all know is completely against everything that i believe in but i guess that just goes to show that even i can be wrong sometimes...yes...there, i said it! :) ha but I hope we'll talk again sometime...just seems now is definitely not the right time...which is sad in a way but i guess completely normal according to my parents :) sooo to help me move on i redecorated my car's bum! it was changed from burlington fire department to.......*drum roll*........
I think it's cute! :) I am still looking for a place to put my one that says "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A mathematically-calculable, scientifically-verifiable, systematically-repeatable REASON." that basically sums erin up in a bumper sticker :) i like to believe everything happens for a reason but the reason is always VERY logical which takes away from the "fate" type of hoping that the statement really entails :) I think that one's goin on the side window so people won't tail gate me in order to read it ;) sooo for now I think that's about it :) I'm doing pretty good and hopefully it will only get better as the weather gets warmer :) Poor washingtonians all have seasonal depression i SWEAR! :) i'm out for now! I'll let you know if I pass or not ;)