g'day mate!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

alright mister kwan! :) so the update since i've been home...i've now gone completely insane...i'm working 3 jobs in an attempt to earn as much money as possible while i still live rent free! :) i love all my jobs...boys and girls club...sheely's floral...and the motel! my life is good i'm just working way too much :) but i have this weekend off to go to spokane for stephi's birthday *happy early birthday steph!!!* and visit krista and kristan in renton on the way! i'm so excited i can't wait to have a little time off! even tho it'll be spent driving but it's totally worth it! and speaking of driving my new car is DELISH!!! i absolutely adore it! and all 137,000 miles that are on it ha...shush! :) all is well and hopefully i'll be able to do the remainder of my hours for my masters at the boys and girls club sooo i'm keeping my fingers crossed! :) I'll post pictures of my car as soon as it's sunny and clean! :) it's so cute! but you're gonna have to trust me for a few days till you can see for yourself :) i love you and miss you all!!! enjoy wherever part of the world you're in! :)


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