g'day mate!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

oh my gosh! ok this is the most hilariously true website on the planet!!! you all must go with the SOLEMN VOW that you will NOT make fun of me! :) i am hopelessly in love with a guy who flirts with everyone and appears available JUST to get my business...ok so not hopelessly in love but he's cute! ugh...i feel so used...hmm maybe i'll spend much less money this way :) i suppose every cup of coffee has it's heart in the foam...every word is SO true...i'm going on strike!!! :)


Sunday, September 17, 2006

I feel like this lovely Sunday I have accomplished SO MUCH and yet...now that I look back it doesn't seem that impressive ha :) HOWEVER my lovely canadian came over today to help me with my magpie problem! We made a documentary of the devil maggies that live in my neighbourhood and I hope you enjoy the videos and see that I'm not joking about the holes in the back of my head! :) So enjoy!!! I worked hard and it took a lot of courage to film this footage! :)

The Attack!!!

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alright it takes a bit but right after ceci pans over to the trees about 5 seconds later you'll see THE magpie swoop me! and this is THE ONE...other ones don't do it! I told ceci right before she began videoing that the maggie would swoop me when i was just past the trees and then land up on the light post!!! Turns out i was RIGHT ON! :) so now everyone can believe me! I'm NOT making it up! hehe i was shaking sooo bad afterwards! and during even from the anticipation!

the first attempt

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alright cecilia was a pal and set out on a journey with me to document the magpie attacks that i've been claiming...this is attempt one...and yes of course i "thought i heard a sound" and crapped out ;) you can't look up at them cuz they won't swoop down and i was too nervous to not look up every once in a while ha

the walk home

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my walk home from the bus to my house...magpie territory! WATCH OUT!

My Worst Enemy

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here he is! the devil! just trust me :)??

Chloe the Pig

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this is one of the therapy animals :) she's wonderful!!! she makes the cutest noises and has the most amazing ears! she also comes up to about my hip soooo she's not the smallest thing in the world ;)

Joy running a muck!

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this is joy playing with her tennis ball :) she is an absolute HOOT! :) she gets all worked up and tears around the house like a mad woman :) this is pretty tame next to what she did last night! ha round and round and round the house she ran!

it's SPRING!!!

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it's so gorgeous here now and the temperature's about 20 every day! I love it! It's beautiful :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

today tops off the end of a LONG LONG week. I went to placement 4 days this week! 2 of which bombed out but not after making me get up at 6 in the morning so yes i still ended up sleep deprived at the end of the week. we went out to the nott thursday night...it's the local pub near the monash only open thursdays so we gave it a shot :) it was a blast! Kristy took me out with her friends for the night. it was a blast! i love going out and not having to worry about anything! nothing matters for that night you're just out with your friends...then i woke up friday for placement ha...back to real life...no one was there so i knocked off after an hour of waiting and went back to have lunch with ceci...then to gym then to cecis for our goodbye drinking festivities for her boyfriend jon who didn't attend ha :) it was all good tho sept i was exhausted from the week. it feels like i've done so much and yet i haven't done half the stuff i wanted to! so the evening commenced...i fell asleep during the break up not that it was a bad movie i was just very very tired...fell asleep...woke up...made pancakes which weren't as good as when i first made em so my reputation of not being able to cook is still upheld and then came home to take a 3 hour nap and watch sex and the city for the duration of the day...i'm still exhausted....

the machine at my debit card since it expired i guess...i went to the bank teller and said it ate it and what does he ask me? "was it expired"...well i don't know sir...let me just check...OH WAIT...IT'S IN YOUR FREAKIN MACHINE!!! so now rent is late even tho it doesn't have to be and trying to do a bank transfer to my roomie's account just after i finalized my $5 test run i read that there's a $40 fee for international wire tranfers!!! HOLY SHIT!!! i reeeeeeeally hope it doesn't work but i know it did cuz that's the kind of week i've had ha...on a brighter note i got my license extension in the mail today so that works out well :) so now i've been forced to borrow money for rent! it's like i'm a kid in the candy store without any money and an unloving mother!!! i know the money's there i just have NO way of getting to it ha...ok so now i have to get back into the real world...the gym...placement...class...

i just am getting into going out on the weekends and meeting people and now i'm going to have to go back...HA life is ironic sometimes :) you get attacked by a magpie one day and the next thing you know you're sittin next to your coffee guy on the bus...life is strange :) if i've learned one thing while i've been here that is definitely it :) so enjoy it!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin aka "the only way americans know how aussies sound and act" has died today...no he was not killed by a croc...it was death by stingray...RIP Stevie


So I realized last Wednesday that my coffee guy didn't remember just my coffee and my name...he remembers pretty much everyone's coffee and name ha...so I did what I always do in these sort of situations when my hopes and dreams get crushed and swore him off...like quitting smoking...cold turkey...no more coffees cuz the little giggle in my day is gone. Who am I kidding, I haven't been able to drink my caramel OR vanilla lattes since i've been back from hong kong...I pay 4.50 for a HOT CHOCOLATE with mint of course but still! ha so i've been going to placement...working...schooling...and going out as my time in oz comes quickly to the end. Live it up while i'm here eh? keep busy...and don't buy so much freakin hot cocoa! i have the mix at home! ;) so i'm late coming home from placement today...arrived in on my bus just as i saw the one i wanted to catch driving out...NOOO it's freezing outside and so i go inside to warm up for a bit while waiting not just the 15 but 20 minutes for the next one due to a gap in the schedule. I go back out when the time comes closer and sit on the bench to wait...people walk by...i think ooo every time i see anyone then i just sit there...knowing it'll be just like all my other bus rides home and then i looked up...not because i heard anything...not because i saw anything...i just looked up...and there he was...i had to look at him for a bit cuz it hadn't quite sunk in but it was him...coffee guy...asking if the 6:20 802 had come yet. i turned off my sappy sad ipod music and we had a chat while we waited for the 802 and the entire way home...

as he began to talk about how he used to smoke but quit (in his defense after he said starbucks tastes like shit)...i started to realize that i really had no idea who this mystery coffee guy was. there's been something about him ever since he said "you're erin right?"...and yet what did i really know about him? and then it hit me...sitting next to my coffee guy on the 802...i miss having someone to sit next to...

talk to...laugh with...hug...give me a hug...go out to dinner with...go have a drink with...go shopping with...go have a coffee with...it's such a friendly place this australia...but it's not home...by remembering my name coffee guy made australia feel a little more like home...and at the end of the day...it's just nice to have somebody know your name...

i wanna go where everybody knoooows my naaaaaaaaaaaaaame...

here i don't even have a best friend to call up and tell my cute coffee guy story to cuz it's 3:20am where she is...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Homework Disrupter

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Joy taking over my laptop and the loveseat!!! :) How does such a little dog take up so much space? :)

Joy's Tricks

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here's joy and pretty much everything that she knows :) hehe i'm so proud ;)

So today is Fathers Day in OZ! Happy pappy's day to my lovely padre!!! And what did I get for fathers day about 4 days ago (i think due to the fact that my dad is crazy about birds...) I WAS ATTACKED BY A MAGPIE!!! Ok so these birds are one of the first species we saw in Melbourne...we actually thought it was a rare sighting since they are a big black and white bird...not as big as an eagle but about twice the size of a normal northwestern crowe (which by the way the crowes here are HUGE as well!) So i'm walking to the bus stop on wednesday morning EARLY for once in my life so yes I must admit i was strolling :) When all of the sudden SWOOP!!! A full grown adult magpie flies right over the top of my head!!! Ok ok so I know every once in a while it happens so I thought it was funny, laughed it off and kept on walking! Then walk walk walk...all the sudden i hear the same noise from the flapping wings just before BANG!!! my head flies forwards from the birds beak (i'm pretty sure) PUMMELING into the back of my head!!! I stood stunned for a bit holding the back of my head *it hurt A LOT* and then looked up at the bird watching it land in the tree! I know this picture's blurry but it's the back of my head where that darn bird pelted me!!!

I was eating a bagel so I thought that was what it may be after so putting the bagel in my backpack I walked slowly watching the black and white devil in the tree. He kept looking at me with that evil bird eye! Like he was watching me and wouldn't rest till I was gone! I walked around till I was far enough away and on the other side of the trees (having waved my arms and stomped the ground as I passed by him to scare him off) but NEEDLESS TO SAY the devil bird didn't budge! So I waited till i was far enough away then turned around and started to walk again...I was holding my head for a bit of the way...a headache starting to form...and then i heard the familiar noise AGAIN!!! I was quick this time and turned around and ducked! (i realize turning around wasn't the smartest thing to do now, but at least i ducked!) so then I waited till he landed again and then BOOKED IT for the bus stop!!! I've never felt so violated in my entire life!!! I couldn't scare a bird away! And my head was bleeding with a huge beak hole in it!!! Rediculous! hehe I have pictures! and now it feels liek i have dandruff since the scab is flaking! ha! And it's right were my ponytail goes! SO HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my lovely birdwatching daddy! and word of advice or so i'm told now...always look at them! or even wearing a hat or sunglasses on the back of your head helps because they only attack you from behind!!! vicious birds tho! they weren't going after my bagel after all! it was ME!!! because i was on their turf! My grocery store guy says "just wait till their babies hatch"...HA...oh my! We missed this season when we came in January apparently :) but beware of the magpies!!!