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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Erin’s Birthday Verse
~by my loving, adoring, couldn't be more perfect mum~

When Erin was born it was early in the morn.
Sarah and Dad were the first sight she had.

When Erin was one, we moved from Lyman.
Goodbye to the goats, we now see sailboats.

When Erin was two, she did something new:
She started to talk, down the road we would walk.

When Erin was three, she’d say, “I want tea !”
Learned to swim in the pool, and she went to preschool.

When Erin was four, she would skate out the door.
She could tie her own shoe & do lots that was new.

When Erin was five, she was glad to be alive.
She could cartwheel and dance, ride her bike in bright pants.

When Erin was six, she was all full of tricks.
Kindergarten was a blast, she began reading fast.

When Erin was seven pony camp was like heaven.
She was bright as a rose as she rode Twinkletoes.

When Erin was eight, on the train slept and ate.
Many things she could make, and she danced like a snake.

When Erin was nine, school and ballet were fine.
May baskets were gay on Old Fashioned School Day.

When Erin was ten she kayaked Lake Chelan.
She flew off her horse, chess camp caused some remorse.

When eleven was her age, Camp Kirby was the rage.
She went up on pointe shoes, braces gave her the blues.

At twelve Erin traveled to Texas with Dad.
In Jazz she competed, Fidalgo completed.

When at thirteen she was almost as tall as her Mom.
For Nutcracker, the clown, in Swan Lake she wore “down”.

When fourteen was here, to the high school that year,
We had to respect her huge “Personality Project.”

Fifteen was the year Minnesota seemed near,
Family scattered around, Erin’s feet on the ground.

Happy sixteen at last, Flower Queen in the cast
Learned to drive near and far in her little blue car.

Seventeen ended her first year at Skagit.
She saw Costa Rica, though the trip – kinda freaked her.

Erin, at eighteen, was a lovely Snow Queen.
Danced as “Alice” as planned, two degrees in her hand.

Then her last teenage year, really felt a bit queer.
Back from EWU, full time Padilla crew.

When Erin was twenty, she’d really done plenty.
We all yelled “Hooray” when she got her BA.

It’s a sad twenty-one with her down in Mel“bun.”
She sure is no slacker when magpies attack her.

Monday, October 02, 2006

AFL Footie Grand Final!!!

Watch the video
This is like the American Super Bowl! and it's always held in melbourne! this was the sydney swans vs. the west coast eagles! Eagles won it! wahoo!!! the reason the video is so long is cuz i just love footie players accents :) they are the BEST! :) just listen :)

The Footie Parade!!!

Watch the video
these aren't just ordinary parade horses! these are carlton draught horses!!! :) boo ya! go aussie! :) look at those kegs!!! no fosters for us! :)