g'day mate!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

ALRIGHTY! sorry i've spaced on my blog since i've been back in the states sooo here is my cute car as i realize i've held you in suspense for more than the couple days i had led you to believe it would be :) *sings* isn't she loooooovely...isn't she woooooondeeeeeeeeerfuuuuuuuul??? :) yes yes she is :) actually i think it might be a boy...but i've decided even tho the gas tank cover is on the passenger side i'm hoping my wonderful adorable vegetable oil guzzling sissy will paint a silver rose on it whenever she decides to mosey on over this way ;)

and THIS is my boyfriend's ride ;) i still think i could take him! ha ;) so yes! obviously a lot has changed since my last post...lost two jobs and gained one :) saturday is my last day at the motel and sunday is my first day at the HOTEL :) yes notice the difference! i'm now an employee of the "fairfield inn & suites" which is part of the marriott i guess hehe but they answer the phone "it's a beautiful day at the fairfield inn & suites" so i think i'm gonna do just fine there ;) i have my new car...i have my new boyfriend...actually the second time i hung out with adam was going to pick up my new car sooo they both had similar timing :) I'm working at sheely's the florist and the fairfield now which will be perfect but probably 7 days a week all summer sooo we'll see how i fair :) umm what else is new...one of my best friends from high school just got married on the 10th! gorgeous robin and crazy brian! :) I love them both! Isn't she beautiful?!?!?! :)
and aren't they adorable?!?!? :)
ah and someone came into sheely's with the anacortes arts and crafts festival posters today! what is that you ask? only the COOLEST THING in summer in anacortes!!! yay!!! i can't wait! :) anywho i'm out for the evening!!! love you all! have a good day!